Date: April 12th -13th 2019

Address: Bath Pavilion
North Parade Road, 
Date: April 11th -13th 2019

Address: Bath Pavilion
North Parade Road, 
Empower your Life, your Business, your Relationships and much more!
What Can You Expect?
A very high vibration, inspiring, empowering and motivating experience that will leave you fired up to conquer the world.

You are going to feel full of high energy, positive, excited and boosted from listening to all the INCREDIBLE GUEST SPEAKERS.

Know that you CAN and WILL achieve anything you set your mind to.

Step into your POWER and OWN IT!!
Attend my IGNITE Event in April 2019 and have an experience of a lifetime!

Is Ignite for you?
~ Are you feeling stuck and lost in your life and business and need a BOOST?

~ Are you playing small and not elevating your skills and talent?

~ Are you feeling scared, fed up and tired of not getting different results for yourself?

~ Do you want to feel EMPOWERED, INSPIRED, FIRED UP and MOTIVATED over 2 days?

~ Do you want to BE YOU and accepted which will increase your SELF-ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE?

~ Do you want to hear from INCREDIBLE Guest Speakers to help you with your life and business?

~ Do you want to be of HIGH VIBRATION, ENERGISED and release the negativity?

~ Do you want to STEP INTO YOUR POWER and know that YOU CAN CONQUER THE WORLD when you leave the event?

~ Do you want an EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME where your jaws will ache with smiling and your feet will hurt from dancing?
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Your Host & Guest Speaker
Rebecca Adams
Rebecca is a certified International Life Mastery Mentor™, Business Coach and Mindset Coach, #1 International Best-selling Author, certified Law Of Attraction Practitioner, Motivator and Entrepreneur. She is also ex-Military.
Guest Speakers
Gemma Gilfoyle
Gemma is a certified Life Coach specialising in Mental Health.

She is a #1 International Bestselling Author, Speaker and Influencer.

She is a certified Law Of Attraction Practitioner, Blogger and is studying Life Enhancement. 

Her business is international.
Michael Lake
Michael is an incredible Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Network Marketing Professional and Mentor based in the UK.

He has over 24yrs experience in the British Army and his business is on over 9 countries worldwide and that is growing each day.

Michael's passion is to help as many people as possible in their lives and business.
Aneska Wide
Aneska is a young entrepreneur from South Africa and is storming ahead in her profession. She is a Professional Network Marketer leading an incredible team of representatives. She focuses on different perspectives in life and strives to always be her best in everything she does. 

Aneska encourages others to throw caution to the wind and release all the negative and just go for your dreams.
Nazreen Zaman
Nazreen is an online Business Coach and Entrepreneur. 

She coaches people in Network Marketing and  runs her business online helping people around the world.  Nazreen shares her knowledge on her Facebook Lives and is based in the UK.
Ben Fanning
Ben is Co-Founder of the H3 Plan and also an Entrepreneur with colleagues collaborating with him from all over the globe. 

Ben is a former personal trainer and also hosts Facebook Lives, trainings and webinars online. 
You will find him travelling the world building his business.
Jonathan Green
Jonathan is a Transformational Speaker, Personal Growth Coach and Abundance Coach aligning with EMPOWERMENT in his entire business. 

He wants you to "Live out your soul mission in abundance".

Jonathan facilitates people through their personal growth and transformation journey. He is based in the UK.  
Rebekah Testar
Rebekah is an Entrepreneur running her own established team of representatives in the UK. She has been in business over 16 years and is paving the way for the younger generation, together with her daughter, to really inspire many young people to be their own boss. 

She is a Published Author, Public Speaker and professional Leader. 

Dannii Maley
Dannii is CEO of Dream Legend Leaders™.
She is the Outlawpreneur and she has 20yrs of Business and Marketing Training in various professions.

She loves learning as much as teaching and won’t stop in the gauntlet of life because three pairs of eyes are always watching!
Gareth Tichopad
Gareth is a POWERHOUSE businessman who has over 7yrs experience in the Network Marketing Profession. 

He is Founder of Team Commando that has over 6500 reps in 9 countries and growing.

Gareth is also ex-Military with over 15yrs experience. He also has 9yrs experience as a Bodyguard, Senior Instructor, Protection Officer and is based in the UK.
Amelia Walker
With over 7 years of sales experience and over 3yrs of being a Professional Network Marketer, Amelia really does elevate her skills and expertise in her profession. 

She is storming ahead in her company and she has a burning desire to help as many people as possible to know that they can live the life they desire even with having anxiety and depression. 
Claire Kendrick
Claire is an Ambassador for a Women’s Empowerment Group supporting Charity’s Mind and Women’s Refuge. 

She is also a Bridal Hair Specialist working at numerous Wedding Fayres, events and weddings. 

She is also an Award Nominee in the North West of England. 
James Malins
James is an Entrepreneur and he is the UK's #1 Wisdom Guide, Public Speaker, Motivational Server and over 8yrs experience in Sales, Online Marketing and Customer Service.
James has a wide range of abilities and skills after being a personal trainer, working in retail and working for Jaguar and Landrover.
He is based in the UK, has spoken on many stages to audiences and is most definitely "one to watch".
Georgina Jenkins
With over 15 years of business experience, mum of 3, Georgina Jenkins has inspired hundreds of people by coming through many huge challenges. Physically, mentally and financially. She coaches network marketers and runs her business online.

She helps people gain confidence, increase their income and build their self belief.
Lauren Lindsay
Lauren is an entrepreneur from the UK. Alongside her busy duties including PT support, working with people with complex needs & learning disabilities. Throughout her life journey the challenges she's encountered sparked a deep passion to inspire others so her business was created. 

Lauren helps customers to take action and find their creative side & improve their wellbeing. 
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What Is The Event All About?
Be empowered for your life & business throughout the whole 2-Day Experience

Know that you can PLAY BIG and you ARE enough!
Be inspired by the Guest Speakers as they share their stories with you
Learn how to overcome issues and be inspired to TAKE ACTION for you and your goals
High Energy
Dance to music, get powered up and increase your high vibration energy.

Feel boosted and uplifted by the energy, positivity and excitement.
Increase your confidence & self-esteem through the knowledge from the Guest Speakers. Start to BELIEVE IN YOU even more.
Gain control of your MINDSET and feel boosted.
Learn inspirational tips from INCREDIBLE Guest Speakers, as they share their stories with you, to help you with stepping into your POWER to TRANSFORM your life and business
Meet new people and gain new friends. Network with others and know that you're not alone.
You will be surrounded by like-minded people who want the same outcome as you - to know they can conquer the world!
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What Are People Saying About Rebecca Adams?
What Are People Saying About Rebecca Adams?
Lori Stancil
"Rebecca is the Ignite is going to change you at your very core"
Julian Smith
"I look forward to seeing you there!"
James Malins
"Do yourself a favour and follow her and watch all of her content!"
Dannii Maley
" Rebecca makes me feel happy, motivated, empowered and inspired"
Sylvia Holmes
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  •  *GALA DINNER* (evening - Sat April 13th)
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  •  Mindset Program (RRP £76)
  •  Goal Setting Program (RRP £76)
  •  Master Your Time & Money Ebook (RRP (£5.50)
  •  Ignite Your Inner Rockstar (RRP (£37)
  •  The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose (RRP (£32)
**ALL BONUSES Worth £226.50**
Ignite Routine
REGISTRATION: Friday 12th April 2019

8.30am - 12noon. Arrive any time between those hours at the venue to register for the event & collect your lanyard, wristband, program (& swagbag if VIP Ticket or above)

DAY 1: Friday 12th April 2019

START TIME: 13.30hrs
END TIME: 20.15hrs 
NETWORK: 20.15hrs-21.10hrs (leave the building by 21.20hrs)

DAY 2: Saturday 13th April 2019

START TIME: 09.30hrs
END TIME: 15.40hrs

*Note* Breaks are available both days.
Please bring food only on Friday (drinks are available from the bar) 
A Lunch break will be included on Saturday.

*NOTE* Security will be checking all bags & wands will be used also. Please do NOT bring anything that will be confiscated.
If you are VIP EXCLUSIVE or PLATINUM you are able to attend the Gala Dinner on Saturday 13th April 2019 starting at 7pm.

Enjoy your meal, mingle with the Guest Speakers, take photos, make new friends, dance, sing and enjoy the entertainment. 

**Finish Ignite 2019 off in style**.

Live Entertainment:

JULIAN SMITH - Global Saxophonist from "Britain's Got Talent"

HERCULES ~ The Voice - Tenor Spinto Singer

CICI HOWELLS - female singer

RatPack & Swing Style Tribute

60's & Motown Show
If you have invested in the PLATINUM PACKAGE you are invited to the EXCLUSIVE Mastermind Day to attend on Sunday 14th April 2019.

The Mastermind Day is open to an exclusive number of 40 entrepreneurs only and is an all-day event. 

9.30am (start at 10am) and finish at 4.30pm.

This will be held at a venue TBC and include refreshments and lunch.

*More details are on the upsell page*
The Ignite Entertainment Team
Alexis Doty
I am proud to announce that "F22 VIDEO SOLUTIONS™ " are the Videographer's to the IGNITE Event in April 2019.

Alexis Doty will be flying from USA to video the entire event and I am thrilled and honoured to have her and her company on board for IGNITE.

Alexis has been in videography and photography for many years and is outstanding in her profession. She is available for any events, conferences, weddings, News channels and much more. 

Website -
Julian Smith
Musical Talent
Julian Smith
Musical Talent
 Julian Smith is a Global Entertainer, a Stylish and Charismatic instrumentalist and a Sony Recording Artist.

He plays the soprano saxophone mainly but can play many saxophones and instruments too including the clarinet. He has performed at the Royal Albert Hall and played with Kenny G. 

Julian was on the TV talent show in the UK "Britain's Got Talent" in 2009. He plays at concerts, variety shows, gala events, festivals, corporate events and at concerts. He is available for all bookings and travels the world with his music and absolutely loves what he does. 
He is married to Iraz and has two children.
Hercules ~ The Voice
Spinto Tenor
Hercules Smith (IAMHercules-The Voice) is a Global classically trained Spinto Tenor from Pretoria, South Africa.

He is the WINNER of the 2012 Voice of Europe, has had the honour of performing on Sky Sports during the Castle Lager Championship Rugby Match between England And Argentina.

 He has delighted audiences on different TV shows in South Africa and was also on BBC One's "Let It Shine" with Gary Barlow and Dannii Minogue.

He is a passionate artist whose love of classical music is taking him all over the world and his daughter is so proud.
Cici Howells
Musical Talent
Cici Howells is an incredible Performer, Vocalist, Theatre Actress and Blue Lion Band Singer from the UK.

She has been the lead vocalist and choreographer at The Greatest Showman: Songs from Hollywood Show. She is also a Singing  Coach at Jelli Studios. 

She has played Tabby the Cat at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre and is a freelance performing arts teacher.

Her love for music and acting shines through and her daughter loves seeing her Mum perform.  
Julian Smith
Musical Talent
60's & Motown Show
RatPack & Swing 
 Suzi Lauder and Neil Tildesley are the performers and singers that are going to rock the IGNITE Gala Dinner in style with a 60's and Motown Show plus a Ratpack and Swing Style Tribute. 

They have both been in their respected professions for many years and have delighted lots of audiences.
Knowledge Is King ~
Personal Development
Vendor at the Ignite Live Event

I am proud to announce that the INCREDIBLE POWERHOUSE Personal Development Company in the UK "KNOWLEDGE IS KING" will be present at IGNITE.

Knowledge is King also has an "Exclusive" Discount on a particular product for guests of IGNITE too, when you purchase the product at the event. 

Website :

Ignite Live Event Sponsors

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Frequently Asked Questions
What if I can't pay in full?
Not to worry! We have payment plans available for you so it is easier on your wallet and purse. There is also Paypal credit available that you can apply for to make it even easier! You can go to Paypal credit. You can apply for this by clicking on the link here. ->
Is there any parking at the venue?
Absolutely there is paid parking outside the front of the venue. There are also multiple car parks around the Bath City Centre. Do not park in residential streets because this could lead to a fine!
What can I wear at Ignite?
There is no dress code, bring clothes that you are comfortable in. Bring some warmer clothes incase it is colder. If you are attending the Gala Dinner then there will be a dress code.
Where are the hotels and B and B's?
We have a special lady to help with this and her name is Amanda! She can help to save you plenty of money with travel and accommodation when it comes to Ignite! You can also contact her inside of her group right here. ->
Are there breaks and lunch hours during the event? 
Yes there are! On day one (Friday) there are 2x breaks, and on day 2 (Saturday) there is 1x 20 minute break in the morning and 1x lunch hour in the afternoon.
Can I bring food? 
Yes you can although you will not be allow to bring drinks. The bar will be open for drinks all day though.  
How do we register?
You register on the morning of Friday 12th April 2019 between the hours of 08.30am and 12noon. The event doors open at 12.30 that day to start Day one at 13.30hrs.
How long are the days at Ignite? 
On day one (Friday 12th April) after registration the doors open at 12.30. We start at 13.30hrs and we finish at 20.15hrs.  On day two (Saturday 13th April) we start at 8:30am and we finish at 15:40hrs. The Gala Dinner starts 19:00hrs and ends at 23:30hrs.
What about first aid and disabilities?
If you have a disability all you have to do is personally message Rebecca and you can come in through a separate entrance to go straight into the Ignite room. We have a first aid room and all of the security staff are first aid trained. You will be thoroughly looked after. 
Have Any Questions? Contact Us at:  07921 263372 or email us at
Have Any Questions? Contact Us at:  07921 263372 or email us at
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